Immediate Elementary Maternity Substitute

Ohr Chadash Academy

Ohr Chadash Academy (OCA) is a Torah-driven Orthodox Jewish day school for boys and girls in early childhood through 8th grade, where the divine spark and unique worth of each individual is celebrated. We emphasize the inherent kedusha of both Judaic and General studies and promote a personal relationship with Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael. Within a warm, nurturing environment, we instill the values of chesed and middot in our students and foster intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills through experiential learning and collaborative problem solving. At OCA, we inspire students to be independent and inclusive, caring and confident, educated, and engaged members of the community and society as a whole.

About the Position

We are seeking passionate, dynamic, professional educator to join our elementary staff as a long term maternity substitute for the remaining school year. Qualified candidates should be reflective learners and innovative practitioners able to implement best practices in teaching using flexible, experiential, and differentiated instruction to help every student achieve success.


§ Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education or content-related field

§ Passion for helping nurture children’s curiosity and love of learning

§ Strong classroom management skills

§ Excellent written and oral communication skills

§ Proficiency with virtual instruction and technology integration

§ Knowledge of differentiated instruction or UDL preferred


§ Design interactive learning experiences for individual students, small groups, and the class, as a whole

§ Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a range of learners

§ Collaborate with colleagues within and across subject areas, and all aspects of school life

§ Actively communicate with parents and student support team

§ Engage in ongoing professional development

The successful candidate will:

· Value joining a warm, mutually supportive, creative, and innovative faculty culture

· Be self-reflective and committed to professional growth

· Possess an understanding of current teaching best practices

· Have familiarity with play-based approach to teaching kindergarten

· Create a joyful, stimulating, challenging, and safe learning environment for all students

· Be committed to helping students achieve success in mathematics

· Develop and maintain positive, supportive relationships with children and parents

· View students through a positive, strength-based lens

· Create differentiated lessons to meet the needs of individual students
COVID-19 precautions

Remote interview process
Personal protective equipment provided or required
Plastic shield at work stations
Temperature screenings
Social distancing guidelines in place
Virtual meetings
Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

All teachers and staff are required to wear a mask. Students have plexiglass on their desks.

Location: Baltimore, MD

For More Information, please contact employment@ohrchadashbaltimore.org