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Scapegoats: The Fate of Iraq’s Jews 1917 -2017


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


15 Lloyd St. Baltimore, MD 21202
15 Lloyd St. Baltimore, MD 21202


In the Ottoman Census of 1917, 40% of the population of Baghdad, approximately 80,000 people, were Jewish. Today, an estimated 5 Jews remain in city. The Jewish Museum of Maryland is very pleased to welcome to Baltimore Mr. Maurice Shohet for our annual Free Fall Baltimore event. Mr. Shohet, was a bar mitzvah in Baghdad in 1963, fled Iraq in 1970 and returned again in 2003 in an effort to help preserve sites of Jewish importance. In this program Mr. Shohet will discuss the 20th century history of Iraq’s Jewish community, exploring its decline from a once thriving community to today’s reality of a dispersed, diaspora existence.