Event Name

Remembering Auschwitz: History, Holocaust, Humanity


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jewish Museum of Maryland Herbert Bearman Campus
15 Lloyd Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


On display are four interrelated exhibits that explore the concept of memory and commemoration through a focus on a town that has become synonymous with the. Tracing the history of Oswiecim, which became known as Auschwitz, the exhibit follows the town’s pre-Holocaust history, where Jews and non-Jews lived side-by-side, to its development into one of the most notorious death camps. It also features haunting photographs, recently taken at Auschwitz and other Eastern European camps, providing a contemporary perspective to the art of remembering. The exhibit also integrates the voices of Maryland’s community of Holocaust survivors who tell their personal stories through collage. Ninety of these collages are part of an art installation that will greet visitors at the exhibit’s conclusion. Event opened Sundays through Thursdays every week. Exhibit runs from March 5 until May 29, 2017.