The ceiling for the price of gasoline will go down 1.2 percent (nine agorot a liter including value-added tax) to 7.43 shekels for self service at midnight Sunday evening in most parts of Israel, according to the Tashtiot Website. With no change in the full-service surcharge, the total for full service will be NIS 7.61. In Eilat, where there is no value-added tax, the self service price will drop 1.1 percent (seven agorot per liter) to 6.30 with the full-service surcharge remaining at 15 agorot per liter.

The 10 chain is offering holders of its Power Card a 20-percent discount on purchases of more than 200 shekels, in addition to the cardholders usual 1.4-percent discount. The Ministry of Energy advises drivers to be on the lookout for other specials.