Israeli Rabbinate Won't Let Women in the Kitchen -- as Kashrut Supervisors

By Staff Reporter

Posted on 06/27/13 | News Source Israel Hayom |

The national-religious women's organization Emunah will ask the High Court of Justice to intervene if the Chief Rabbinate does not recognize female kashrut supervisors by the end of the week, the organization said in a statement.

The first class of 13 female kashrut supervisors graduated on Thursday, but they are unable to work in their field because they have not received official recognition from the rabbinate.

"There is no reason in the world, neither halachic nor procedural, to excuse the fact that the kashrut department of the Chief Rabbinate has been shirking and avoiding our repeated requests," Emunah chairwoman Liora Minka said in the statement. "Over an entire year they were unable to find the time to respond to such a basic request that was made through the proper channels."


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Photo Caption: Course participants on a field trip in Efrat | Photo credit: Courtesy

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