Baltimore, MD - June 30 - Mel ended the week on a real high. He managed to walk with the therapeutic rollator 35 feet twice! In other words, he successfully walked supporting his own weight with minimal assistance the entire width of the gym back and forth. The process to walk is one we generally don't dwell on, but to succeed, one must manage to bring their weight to one leg, lift the other foot off the ground and proceed to move it forward. Then repeat this by bringing their weight to the other leg, lift the first foot off the ground and proceed to move it forward. Both legs need to be able to bear weight, gluts, core, hamstrings, quads must work to allow the leg to bend and lift and move. The things that need to work in tandem are mind boggling. Yet Hashem has blessed Mel and so far all the parts seem poised to make walking again a reality. The muscles must all get stronger in order for this to come to fruition, but we are most hopeful. Shabbat and Sunday allowed Mel the time to rest and prepare for more challenges in the week ahead. Thank you to all who have helped with Shabbat meals over the past eight weeks. Thank you as always to Bikur Cholim for sending endless meals since day 1. Thank you to Gevuras Yardin for the thoughtful gifts that lift our spirits. Please continue to daven (pray) for Mel. May all the many muscles he needs to return to full health become stronger every day.

Please continue to daven for a Refuah Shlaimah for Moshe Ben Tzion Ben Leah Rachel