Paula Deen's Words

By Sara Debbie Gutfreund

Posted on 06/30/13 | News Source AISH |

The Food Network, Smithfield Foods, Caeser’s Entertainment, Walmart, Target, Sears and Kmart all announced that they will no longer be carrying Paula Deen cookware or any other products due to her recent admission. Why wasn’t Deen’s apology enough to save her public image and career?

We all say things at times that we don’t mean, but what do we do after we realize we have made a mistake? Can we really change?

Many years ago, my grandfather built up a clothing business with his brother. They started by selling shirts from pushcarts on the Lower East Side and eventually they owned a big store in Manhattan. One day after years of working side by side, my grandfather's brother turned on him. I never really knew what was said or why. Grandpa never liked to talk about it, but from that day on the brothers stopped speaking to each other. Grandpa took his share of the business and his brother kept the store. My grandfather never saw his nephews again who had been like sons to him. The families stopped inviting each other to their celebrations and avoided mentioning each other's names. By the time I was old enough to hear the story, there was a huge branch of my family tree that had basically been cut off forever.


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Photo Caption: I is what I is. And Iâm not changing

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